3 December 2013

Homemade Marshmallows

First of all, I always thought it was spelt marshmellow but I guess I was oh so very wrong. Spell check and the internet gods have corrected me. Anyways. I was excited but slightly terrified at attempting these marshmallows. I knew that if they turned it they would be one of those things that had people saying you made what??? I didn't even know you could make those. But if they didn't turn out it would just be a huge, sticky, sugary mess. Luckily they turned out. They were also SO simple to make. I was really excited to use my brand new candy thermometer that I bought especially for this occasion ( I am really just picking recipes where I need to buy new kitchen gadgets - its a great excuse to go shopping.)  I used Smitten Kitchen's Recipe which was a bit different from others as it had the addition of egg whites. Since I have never tried making marshmallows before I can't tell you if adding egg whites actually makes them fluffier then if you don't (I am assuming it would plus Smitten Kitchen said so, so really there is no arguing).  But now that I know how easy they are I will have to try a different more classical recipe without eggs. I dipped mine in chocolate and sprinkled crushed candy canes on top to make them more festive. I cannot wait to try them in hot chocolate! 

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