21 May 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty

With summer just around the corner its time to start lighting my beauty routine and including some more products with SPF. The hot summer heat means that I don't want to layer a ton of make up on my face and I hopefully have a nice natural glow. Here are my summer beauty essentials: 

Sunscreen - Sunscreen is a must in the summer. I burn very quickly so I always start out with a good base of sunscreen. I love this one because it goes on smoothly and isn't greasy at all. 

BB Cream - I tend not to wear foundation in the summer but I do still like some coverage. I am loving this BB Cream. It is light and has SPF 30 so I can skip the sunscreen step and be out the door that much faster. It provides a light coverage thats just enough to cover those imperfections. 

Lipgloss - I love a shine on my lips but we can't forget that they also can burn. This lipgloss has some protection and a great shine. 

Mascara - I can't leave the house without. I have been using Great Last since forever. I love blackest black and will only use waterproof if I know I will be going swimming that day. 

Nail Polish - I love a bright polish in the summer and Essie has a ton of great shades to choose from. I currently have this one (Mesmerized) on my toes!

What are your summer beauty essentials? 

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